Experienced Management Consultants

Service Lines

Specialised People and Teams:

In some Service Lines we offer not 100s but 1000s of years experience.

Service Lines

Our relationships with 1700 highly experienced consultants enable us to create 'dream teams' with deep expertise in a very wide range of consulting disciplines. The following summarises some of these:

Turnaround Services - A unique service to enable companies to quickly assess and shape their turnaround options and affordably deliver them. This brings together consultants whose long careers have included advising organizations during 1 or even 2 recessions:

  • Finance Directors
  • Strategy Consultants
  • Leadership Coaches
  • Turnaround/Programme Leaders

Leadership and Organisational Development - An extraordinary capability, bringing together practical experience and intellectual rigor:

  • A proven, world leading approach used by major Global companies
  • Former Exec Directors who have achieved large scale turnaround
  • Executive coaches and mentors with glowing thanks from those they have supported
  • Well known innovative trainers
  • World class E-learning solutions
  • Organisational development consultants responsible for some of the best known success stories of recent years.

Shared Services - Leading thinking and experience in the practical implementation of Shared Service Centres for Finance, HR, IT and Facilities Management in both public and private sector.

Commercial Management - Some of the most experienced commercial managers available including many with specialist skills.

Lean and 6-Sigma - A small but extremely experienced team of practical Lean and 6-Sigma practitioners.

HR - Leading thinking and experience in the practical design and implementation of HR functions ('making the Ulrich model work'). We engage with over 80 highly experienced interim HR Directors and HR Transformation Consultants.

Post-Merger Integration - A large proportion of those few individuals in the UK who have successfully led post-merger integration. Our 'dream team' is a reality and rivals any offered by the big-4.

ERP Implementation - A very strong capability in designing, managing and delivering successful ERP solutions, for example:

  • Programme Directors for the ERP implementations at Kelloggs, Railtrack, the BBC, Barclays and numerous others
  • Big-5 ERP practice leaders
  • An eHR toolset cutting months off the lifecycle for major SAP/Oracle Implementations and allowing complex global organizations to implement ERP quickly
  • The only independent firm able to advise on SAP-RE (specialist advisors on all Real Estate and Asset Management process/systems issues).

Programme & Portfolio Management - Over 300 Practical, Heavyweight Programme Directors / Managers who have turned-around and led many of the biggest programmes of recent years, working at CxO level.

  • A wide range of programme types: Post Merger, Corporate turnaround / transformation, SSC implementations, Outsourcing, large-scale IT-enabled change, major product launches, major FS Portfolio Transfers, Industry restructures, Construction etc
  • Programme Management improvement and Training
  • Leading techniques including benefits management.

Marketing and Communications - The equivalent of a highly capable niche strategic Marketing and Communications consultancy