Experienced Management Consultants

Consultancy Value Management

A flexible outsource partner:

We work to help organisations increase the impact of all the external expertise they engage (whether through us or 3rd parties)

Consultancy Value Management

We address the internal issues which can prevent an organisation achieving the full impact and value of external expertise.

By making the services of very high quality independent consultants and specialist suppliers into an effective alternative to the major traditional firms we have solved two parts of the consultancy problem - sourcing and quality...but there are usually significant internal issues.

We work with buyers of external expertise and with their procurement departments to review all aspects of their use of consultancies and interim managers. We look at: overall needs, suppliers, spend, problem identification, solution definition, procurement and commercial approach, engagement management etc.

We identify the issues and optimum approach for a given organisation's size, shape, culture and budget.

We create robust plans to deliver immediate benefits to current programmes of work and to make medium and long term improvements.

Recruitment outsourcing arrangements outsource the non-value adding work related to 'commodity' resources. However, this does not work well for management consulting and senior interim roles.

We offer organisations the ability to outsource the parts of the consultancy acquisition/management process that they struggle with and help them to become self-sufficient. We agree a flexible commercial approach which matches the needs of the organisation.