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3 Engagement Models

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We provide options for how external expertise is contracted

3 Engagement Models

When we provide the services of our consultants or niche consultancy partners, we operate as one of the following:

  1. Consultancy - we provide a solution for the business problem
  2. High Quality Agency - we provide a solution for the resource problem
  3. 'Virtual Internal Consultancy' - we create a bespoke team of external experts who are:
    • selected to match the needs of the organisation. For example, a community of post-merger specialists, change managers, regulatory advisors or marketing and communications specialists
    • connected to the organisation via a powerful online community framework
    • tested as business issues present themselves and, in the process, share some of their leading-edge expertise and help shape the direction of emerging initiatives
    • engaged based on the insight and track record they have demonstrated rather than on a Consultancy-style proposal or an Agency-style interview process

In the past, the main options have been:

  1. Engage a traditional management consultancy to provide a '1-stop' solution...at a price and with variable results
  2. Engage niche firms to get deeper specialist expertise...but find it hard to fill in the gaps between what they each do
  3. Assemble a dedicated team of independent consultants for each project... but risk getting things wrong and find it hard to source the right consultants using traditional agencies
  4. Maintain an internal team of consultants...but find it costly and difficult to sustain an adequate skill/knowledge base to make the consulting robust and up-to-date

We work with our clients to identify which engagement model delivers the best balance of cost and risk on a case by case basis. This complements our Consultancy Value Management services which find the best way for the organisation to improve the overall value of external expertise.