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We aim to provide everything needed to increase the impact of external expertise and to embed the benefits

A comprehensive solution

Our mission is to drive up the Return On Investment (ROI) achieved in using external expertise.

We have considered the challenges involved in acquiring high quality external expertise and have created a new service model to address 4 requirements.

Clients need people who know their industry in depth. Click on the Industries link to see which sectors our consultants/partners specialise in.

Clients look to the external market for people with deep expertise in something specific. Click on the Service Lines link to see what our consultants/partners can do.

Clients need flexibility in how they engage external experts: Click on the 3 Engagement Models link to find out how we engage.

Most organisations need assistance to help them become better at using external expertise - you can outsource to us the parts of the process you are least experienced in and we will help you build on the aspects you are good at. Click on the Consultancy Value Management link to find out more.