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"There has to be something better":

We sympathise with buyers of external expertise who know that consulting could be better and more affordable but don't see a solution

We aim to provide the solution

If you have ever found yourself asking any of the following questions, we can almost certainly help (Contact Us):

"I have a specific business problem. I need help but don't know where to look"

We have looked carefully at the consulting market and identified what we believe are the best 1700 performance improvement and business transformation consultants and specialist firms working independently in the UK today (please see Industries and Service Lines for details of what they do).

"I am looking at proposals from 3 well known consulting firms. I don't feel any of them will deliver lasting change, I don't really sense shared risk/reward, there are too many junior people in the team and I am staggered at the price we have to pay. But what else can I do?"

The real value in consulting comes from the experienced senior people. Many consulting industry proposals dilute that experience by up to 10-fold, pass on high overheads and cost of sale and do not transfer risk. Having available 1700 experienced former Partners/Directors and Senior Managers usually enables us to offer the 'dream team' in which every member is an experienced, high-impact individual prepared to transfer skills. We look for a successful track record in delivering solutions for your specific business problem.

"I want my organisation to get better value from it's £xxxxxx consulting spend but the industry doesn't seem to have any new ideas"

We offer innovative Consultancy Value Management services to help organisations to use external expertise more cost effectively. This applies whether you choose to use our consultants or not. If you do engage our independent consultants and leading specialist firms we achieve further benefits. Overall we help our clients to use the minimum of external expertise for the maximum impact.

"We know what sort of external support we need and want to assemble our own team but the agencies send us too many generic CVs for every role and the real expertise is hard to find"

We act as a high value Agency (as well as a Consultancy or a Virtual Internal Consultancy - see 3 Engagement Models). Because we understand business problems and what our consultants do, our Agency service is focused and effective.

"We keep using the same type of consulting. It feels like we should create an internal consultancy but I wonder how big it has to be to be effective and I can see it becoming an expensive non-core overhead"

We help clients to create their own Virtual Internal Consultancy, gaining the best of both worlds - see 3 Engagement Models).

What our clients say:

“The XMCS team helped us to shape this large, complex and high profile programme. They brought a unique blend of expertise in IFA organisational development and performance improvement; asset migration; technology platforms and programme integration. They helped us to understand in some detail what sort of interventions we would need to provide and how we could deliver them in order to transform the businesses of thousands of IFA’s in the UK. The detail and clarity of their work was exceptional”

Finance Business Partner – Aviva

"The XMCS team helped us to create a highly practical and constructive response to our regulator's strategic consultation. They brought a rare combination of expertise in our sector, in performance management and improvement, Organisational Development, regulation and in the UK public sector in general. They worked very collaboratively with senior members of our member companies to identify the issues, create practical recommendations and deliver a high quality product in a relatively short space of time."

Director of Strategy and Organisational Development - Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry. (The output of this work can be found at MHRA Consultation Response.)

“XMCS’s HR transformation capability was exceptional and included an impressive blend of former group HR Directors, thought leaders and innovative methods and tools. They worked very collaboratively with us to understand our client’s challenges, propose solutions and develop a first class HR Innovation workshop. The speed with which they responded and the breadth and quality of the options which they provided for workshop topics was extremely impressive.”

Consulting Leader - Major Consultancy