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About Us

A single channel:

The intersection between Clients, Independent Consultants and Niche firms

Addressing an important market need

XMCS is the UK's leading channel through which organisations access the vast talents of the country's independent management consultants, interims and specialised niche consulting firms.

Organisations buy management consultancy to access experience which they don't have in house.

Many organisations realise that the best, most delivery-oriented management consultants and interims work independently or in specialist firms. They also realise that the major traditional consultancies charge high rates for what are often junior resources. Nevertheless, clients find it too difficult to use independent consultants and firms and so default back to a limited number of suppliers. The problems are that:

  • It is hard to find out what is available from the independent market
  • Quality can vary
  • Clients often don't have the capabilities and skills needed to create integrated solutions and effective delivery teams

XMCS provides a 1-stop solution. We have:

  • Identified, assured and built relationships with over 1700 of the best independent consultants and many specialised niche consultancies
  • Understood their strengths and how to use them
  • Developed an innovative set of services that helps clients to engage this talent and outsource only what they need to

XMCS is an independent UK based organization run by former big-5 management consultants.

In Summary

  • ROI - Top-tier delivery at close to agency rates
  • Experience - Typically 20+ years
  • Ultra-high Quality - Only people/specialist firms who make an impact
  • Procurement Innovation - Real insight into consultancy use
  • Scale - 1700+ experienced consultants
  • Breadth - Most industries and consulting service lines